Golf Guide in Buckinghamshire

The county of Buckinghamshire is located in south east England just a few miles away from London. When it comes to golf, Buckinghamshire is home to some of the countries most impressive golf courses. 4 of the county's top 5 courses are ranked in the countries top 100. Woburn Golf Club's 3 golf courses all land themselves in the top 100 making it one of the most impressive clubs in the whole Country.

The county's top 4 courses (all in Englands top 100) are Woburn's Marquess course, Woburn's Dukes course, Stoke Park and Woburn's Duchess course.

When your not teeing off on one of Buckinghamshire's finest courses, you can explore Buckinghamshire. Buckinghamshire has many places to visit from historic houses and beautiful gardens to museums and railway centres. The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre is definitely a great way to spend an afternoon. Also, Buckinghamshire has many great pubs, bars and restaurants that serve delicious locally produced food.

Buckinghamshire is the place to be if you are looking for a long weekend or a week long relaxing golfing trip.