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dubai golfing holidays

Golfing in Dubai

Dubai is now firmly established as a leading golf holiday destination. However, golf is just one of the many attractions that this superb holiday destination has to offer.

The second largest of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai was founded on maritime trading. This trading heritage is evident in the shopper's paradise that is Dubai today: from mega malls to the traditional scents of the souk. 

Shops are crammed with everything from designer fashions to the latest electronic goods, traditional handicrafts and gold - all at some of the world's most attractive prices.

Dubai has something for everyone: Beautifully manicured championship golf courses; hotels which rank among the finest in the world; superb cuisine; hundreds of kilometres of clean uncrowded beaches with virtually guaranteed sunshine and flawless blue seas and sky , while numerous bars and nightclubs cater to the night owls.

The climate is sub-tropical and sunny, blue skies can be expected most of the year. Temperatures range from a mean daily maximum of of 24C/75F in January rising to 41C/105F in July.

Dubai city is home to a large expatriate population and this fascinating mixture of people and cultures has created a hugely cosmopolitan city with a diverse combination of influences. English is widely spoken, and you can expect a warm and friendly welcome. 

Compared with other parts of the middle east, Dubai has a very relaxed dress code. However, guests should be aware of local sensibilities and dress modestly. At the pool and on the beaches swimsuits and bikinis are perfectly acceptable, but away from the water, a shirt and shorts is the minimum expected.

Lightweight summer clothing is suitable all year round, but in the winter months, a jacket or sweater may be needed for the evening.